Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 3 - Paris - Sainte-Chapelle

After lunch we thought we'd try to see Sainte-Chapelle again.  Time time with our Paris Visite passes in hand we were able to bypass the hour long line this time and were in in under less than ten minutes!  You cannot see the outside of the church from the street because it is in a courtyard surrounded by other buildings.  On first glance, it looks just like your average European church, but you soon realize that the charm is inside.

Upon entering you arrive in the lower chapel.  At this point I was still confused by the hype of this church.  It was different and pretty but not the wow factor I was expecting!

But then we went upstairs to the upper chapel.  I walked into the room and literally my breath was taken away.  I had never seen stained glass so gorgeous and so huge! The chapel is very narrow, only 34 feet and the ceiling is 67 feet high. The alter area of teh church is currently being refurbished but looks like this this picture. (Original image here.) 

If I had to guess, (since I couldn't find the fact anywhere online) each window is about 45 feet tall and there are 15 of them!  This church was build over just a six yer period from 1242 to 1248 per the wishes of Louis IX. 


Sainte-Chapelle in my mind was easily one of the most beautiful places we visited during our trip!

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Jayna said...

Charm? It's spectacular!