Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 1 - Madrid - Around the City

On Sunday morning we arrived in Madrid about 8am.  After checking to the hotel we set off to explore the city. We started off the morning visiting the Rastro a flea market of sorts that is every Sunday morning and afternoon.  I really wish we got to do this near the end of the trip instead of at the beginning since we were worried about buying stuff since we were restricted to 44lbs per suitcase and just our backpacks as carry-ons.  It would have been a great place to buy gifts to bring home for the family.

After the Rastro we wandered through some of Madrid's most famous plazas including the Plaza Mayor.

And the Puerta del Sol.

Then we ventured towards the Paseo del Prado and past the Opera House.

And Ciebeles Fountain.

While walking around we passed a store called Museo del Jamon, Ham Museum.  We were curious and went insdie.  It wasn't a museum at all but rather a deli that served sandwiches.  There were tons of people standing at the counter eating dinner and drinking beer!

We then hit one of Madrid's famous art musuems El Museo de arte Thyssen-Bornemia. It is a smaller art museum with art ranging from the 13th to the 20th centuries.  Collections include works from Degas, Durer, Gauguin, Chagall and Rubens.  Unfortunately pictures were not allowed in the museum. 


Jayna said...

Ha ha! That ham museum cracks me up.

Jayna said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing! Now I got the fever...! {{David, not Jayna}}

...and I'm totally putting in a fountain of a lion-pulled chariot in our front yard. Definitely.

Stephanie said...

The ham museum was funny but the sandwich we had was pretty tasty! And I totally want to see the fountain once you get it installed!