Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 10 - Seville - La Carboneria

Before we left, a friend of mine suggested we go to La Carboneria to have sangria and watch some Flamenco dancing.  It definitely was as polished as what I saw in Seville in high school but probably more typical of the area and the type of bar we were at.  As I'd mention Seville was hot, but for 10 pm this bar was sweltering and so humid.  They had spritzers like you'd find in the vegetable section of the grocery store that went over ever 30 seconds or so.  Those along with fans was the only reason we could tolerate being in this bar!

But the show consisted of a singer, a guitar player and two dancers.  One of the dancers you'll notice was incredibly scary!

And a video of both women dancing.

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