Sunday, October 24, 2010

Day 10 - Seville - Alcazar

After the Cathedral we cross the plaza to visit the other jewel of Seville, the Alcazar.  The Alcazar is the royal palace in Seville that used to be a Moorish fort.  The entrance.

Once inside this is the entrance to the inside of the palace.

And my camera battery chose that exact moment to die... But fortunately, my friend Bryan and his now fiance Carolyn were just in Seville and took a ton of pictures at the Alcazar!

This is The Courtyard of the Maidens.

The interior.

The courtyards were so pretty and peaceful!

I so wish I was able to take my own pictures but grateful for the ones I got secondhand!  After the Alcazar we took the red bus to the Plaza de Espana.  Obviously I still had no camera so these pictures aren't mine.  (They are from here and here)  Also that beautiful fountain and the whole center of this plaza is currently under construction so these pictures are better than any I could have taken that day.


From the Plaza we went to the Maria Luisa park.  (Picture from here)

And the inside the park is the Plaza of the Americas. (Picture from here)

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Jayna said...

That first pic with the lion over the door is awesome! Love it!