Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Port 2 - Dominica

Our second port was on the rainy island of Dominica.

And for the journaling:

Port 1 - St Thomas

From our first day at sea - St Thomas and a sail boat ride to swim with the turtles.

And for the journaling:

Jungle Trekking

From our day in the San Salvador Rain Forest.

And the journaling.

2010 Let the Traveling Begin

The year started off on the right foot with our trip to San Juan and Caribbean cruise.  Here are the first layouts from my newest book starting with our first couple days in San Juan.

And the journaling:

Party Throwers

My family will find ANY excuse to throw a party.  This weekend's excuse was the retirement of the principal at my aunt Kathy's school.  She was planning on having 80 people for dinner but only about 60 or so showed up.  Fortunately we didn't have to cook, just set up, decorate tables and such.  It was our first successful (read: no rain out) outside party! I snapped a few pictures before everyone got there and before it got too dark.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Preppy Party!

In Ann Arbor on Saturday, Darren and I got invited to a preppy birthday party.  There were polo shirts in a rainbow of colors!  Late in the evening, we ran out of ice and the liquor was not cool.  I raided the freezer and came out with icey pops.  Cheers to colorful drinks and preppy clothes!

And while the topic is fun colors, a view of the tunnel between concourses at the Detroit airport.

Good Eats in Tucson

In Tucson, one night we went to El Charro Cafe.  It is known for being the oldest Mexican Restaurant in continuous operation.  Since 1922!  Sean graciously posed with a burrito twice the size of his head!! And also a shot of my tamales.  They were super tasty!!


The week before last, my boss dropped the "Do you think you could go audit in Tucson for me?" bomb.... I begrudgingly agreed.  We had a successful week and got to stay in a wonderful hotel just north of the city.  A few pictures I took just walking around the hotel.

Pretty Flowers

A week ago Friday, I got home from work with a surprise on my doorstep, beautiful flowers from Darren!  He was a little disappointed because that was the day I was told I'd have to go to Tucson for work so I wouldn't get to enjoy them much. 

However, I put them in the refridgerator every night and the entire time I was gone and they still look beautiful and really almost as beautiful as when I got them.  Thanks, D!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week!  Between traveling for work and reading this book, which I'm addicted to, I haven't gotten much done!

Friday, May 7, 2010

This Used to be a Road

When I worked at Crowe I audited the Bank Jon currently works at.  His boss Dianne used to drive this road to work daily and even did so on Monday.  Monday night or Tuesday morning, after the rain and after the flooding had subsided this happened.  How crazy scary is that?

Notice how small the man looks in the picture below.  It gives you some scale as to how much this road sank and how big this hole now is!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Brother is Growing Up!

My parents also drove up to Louisville for part of the weekend I spent Sunday with them, Darren and my brother.  He moved into a new apartment on Thursday so we spent all day Sunday finding furniture and getting things set up for him.  Since work was closed on Monday, I spent Sunday night and all day Monday with Steven.  It was the first time in forever we spent the day together, just the two of us!  We spent all day finishing his house, waiting for his couches to be delivered and building furniture.  See the final product minus the table and chairs which wasn't finished when I left!  Congrats, Bro, I love the new pad!

The neat thing about this place is the celings.  They are 14 feet and all different and designery!

The Run for the Roses

Last weekend Darren and I spent the weekend with Kevin & Beth in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby!  On Friday night, the Duran's, Beth's family, had a big garage party.  There was dancing, karaoke, beer pong and flip cup and there was a lot of beer consumed.  After quite a few cold ones...

Saturday morning, the fun started early with a school bus ride to Churchill Downs.  This picture was obviously not taken on Saturday during the pouring rain but this is what it should have looked like for my first Kentucky Derby!

Either on the 7th or 8th race I accidentally bet a trifecta box, costing $24, instead of an exacta box for $12... Thankfully the horse cooperated and I won $250!!! Paid for my entire weekend.  I was super pumped!  Here is Kristin and I celebrating my big payout!!

Calvin Borel ending up guiding Super Saver on the rail wire to wire for his 3rd Kentucky Derby in in 4 years.  He is absolutely amazing and don't think I'll ever bet against him again!  What a fun day, but next time I request sun and seat with visbility of the track!


I'm sure by now most of you've heard about the horrific flooding that has occurred in middle Tennessee, my town, over the last week.  Fortunately my house, car and work are all ok.  But quite a few people died in the floods and they are now projecting the cost of cleanup and rebuilding to be over $1 billion!  These pictures from the Tennessean are some of the most amazing images from the flood.  Just keep Nashville in your thoughts and prayers, please.

Say What?

As see at the local Publix store.... Don't have words for for this tasty?!? dessert!