Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day 11 - Seville - Italica

When I was in Spain in high school one of the things I remember very clearly is a big Roman stadium in ruins so when we were planning our trip I had to get my Google on to figure out where it was.  When I finally found that it corresponded with our trip, I knew Darren would really like this place.

Italica is a town considered now a suburb of Seville about 10 km away.  Italica was founded in 206 BC and was the home of the Roman ruler Hadrian and the birthplace to the Roman ruler Trajan. The stadium that I remembered had actually been an amphitheater that held 25,000 people.  The city was a major mecca through the 3rd century when the Guadalquivir river shifted away from the town.

Some of the buildings that had been excavated and partially rebuilt.

Aside from the amphitheater, on this trip the thing that struck me the most was all of the mosaic floors they have unearthed.  It amazes me that something so intricate can survive for 2,000 years untouched!

These are the newest ruins they have excavated, from the baths.

The enterence to the amphiteater.

The seats.

The halls beneath the seats that circles that amphitheater. 

The pits beneath the floor of the ampitheater.  This is typically where they kept the animals they were using in the show.

After leaving Italica we had HOURS before our overnight bus to Lisbon.  I told you about that debacle earlier... But we had seen most of Seville's attractions so we decided to take a tour of their bull ring.

This tour was very lacking but the bull ring was much fancier on the inside. They were preparing for some even while we were there.  The box above the walkway is the royal box.

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Jayna said...

I had no idea they had so many ruins in Spain. That's really cool