Monday, April 30, 2012

Beer Bracket

A couple weekends ago, Darren's mom and Jerry were in town and we took them to Beer Bracket III. Beer Bracket is easily summed up as an NCAA tournament style blind taste test of 16 wheat beers.  They gave you two cups and and you chose and voted for the one that you liked best.


Most of the breweries were micro breweries but they did let the rock bottom in since each restaurant has their own brewmaster and their own specific breweries. However the winner of Brew Bracket III was Barley Island.  Both of the finalists were my two favorite beers I tried during the day so I was happy with the results.

Can't wait until Brew Bracket IV! :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pacers vs Heat

A few weeks ago, we went to our first Pacers game at Banker's Life Fieldhouse. The game was against the Heat.  While I was not at all invested in the outcome, it was cool to see LeBron play even though the Heat didn't win.

Reggie Miller's number hanging from the rafters. Sorry for the blurriness, I could not get that picture to focus!

Center court.

Final score. Pacers 105 Heat 90. F

Fun work night with friends.  Wes, Vic, Matt, me, Jay and Darren.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Terre Nova and Sensu

Darren had a couple bad work month's of work and I had just finished up busy season.  We were ready for a fun night on the town.

Here are the guys strategizing.  I think trying to find a girl for Wes. :)


With Rebecca at Terre Nova.

Later that night we went to Sensu which is a sushi restaurant that turns into a night club at night.

Great night with friends.  Much needed night on the town!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shaq's All Star Comedy Jam + Superbowl

The night before the actual superbowl, we went in with a couple of friends and got tickets to see Shaq's All Star Comedy Jam.  I am not a lover of comedy but this was pretty funny although incredibly raunchy. 

There were many star sightings this evening our only sightings of the entire weekend.  Here was the man of the hour, Shaquille O'Neal.

And Snoop-Dogg.

And Flava-Flav.  Sherri Sheppard was there as well but I didn't get a picture of her.

Earlier in the day, my brother randomly decided to come into town so after the comedy show we walked downtown to met up with them.

The bars were so expensive so a lot of "tent bars" popped up in many of the parking lots.  They had heat, music and drinks.  Here is Darren with Eric and Ashish.

And Darren with me.

Superbowl morning I had read that Sun King Brewery was doing a Kegs and Eggs breakfast.  They were going to have my favorite beer, Java Mac, and food prepared by Chef JJ. Holy cow the food and drinks were amazing!  The food was french toast, pork breakfast taco and biscuits and gravy.  Such a good choice!

Steven and I prepping food for the Superbowl party!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


One of the perks of superbowl week was they had concerts every night.  We were able to go down to the LMFAO concert one night with hundreds of thousands of our closest friends!

On the way downtown we saw a few buildings that were decorated for Superbowl weekend.

This was Darren's first trip to monument circle so we got our picture taken in front of the numbers.

Jay also met us in the circle.

The main event was the LMFAO concert.  We were on the side of the stage and had an ok view but it was too crowded.

On the way home that night, we walked by the Playboy party tent and got a glimpse of a few "bunnies".

Monday, April 9, 2012

Superbowl Experience

One of the neat things about the Superbowl being in town was the NFL experience and the NFL village as you saw where we walked around at night.

This is the JW Marriott they built just for the superbowl with a really neat graphic.

This is the zip line down Illinois street was one of the most popular attractions.  If you didn't pre-order tickets, you most likely didn't to ride on zip line.  This is the start tower.

We again perused the the village and saw one of the hand carved ice sculptures.

Once we got inside the NFL experience there was so much to do and see but there were so many people and the lines were super long.  We all did get to do one of the passing games.  I was terrible at it for sure.  Rebecca and Jay were the best, by far!

Jay and I went and got our group some food and while we were on our way, I got a picture of Jay dressed as his favorite team, the Dolphins.

Inside the experience they had lockers representing all the teams and Devon Hester's was representing the Bears.

But what I was most excited to see was the Vince Lombardi trophy.  We got our pictures taken with it and then you went online and could download the picture for free.

We also got to see all the Superbowl rings from all the different superbowls.

And they also had the logo from the draft.  Too bad I didn't get my picture in front of it.

What great fun with friends.  So glad we got to have this experience of being in a Superbowl city!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Superbowl Village - Night Version

January was an awesome month to live in Indy.  The city did an exceptional job pulling off the superbowl and the weather was amazing which no one saw coming!!

The weekend prior to superbowl weekend was the opening of the superbowl village.  We trecked downtown to hang out and meet up with some out of town friends.

We walked through the village and saw the race cars decorated with the superbowl teams and the superbowl logo.

The enterance of the superbowl experience and the Indy superbowl logo.

After dinner with the GI guys and Jen and Noah, I opted to venture out and explore with Jen and Noah instead of going drinking with the guys.  We found a ton of cool things.

First up the AFC and NFC helmets.

The Bear's race car.

And what I was most looking forward to was the superbowl numbers they put up in monument circle!


 Couldn't resist the photo opportunity.

And many other buildings were in the superbowl spirit as well!

This just made the anticipation build for the coming week!