Sunday, October 31, 2010

Day 14 - Madrid - Our Last Day!

After a three hour flight delay heading back to Madrid for our last night and day. We started off the day by going to the Prado. I remember it being much more impressive when we were there in high school. After our morning the museum we went to the Parque Maria Luisa and walked around for awhile before heading back to the hotel to relax before our long day of traveling home.

Monument to Alfonso XII.

Inside the Palacio de Cristal was a crazy art installation.  It was a tower made out of all plastic (mostly white) household products.  If you look closely you can see laundry baskets, trash cans, Tupperware, baby bathtubs and lawn chairs.

We then walked through the beautiful rose garden.

Bye bye Europe! What a great trip! Can't wait to go back!

1 comment:

Jayna said...

Yeah! You reached the end of your trip!

1. You got some sun!
2. That plastic thing is SO not art! It's just a pile of trash!