Thursday, October 28, 2010

Day 12 - Lisbon - Jardims and the Mosteiro

On one of our bus tours, we went out to Belem, an area just west of Lisbon. After a late lunch we set out to explore with our first stop being at the Jardim do Ultramar. These gardens were supposed to be beautiful but between the buildings that were supposed to have exhibits being completely empty and the park preparing for a festival, it was quite a disappointment. We did see a few peacocks and a few swans!

From there we went to the Mosteiro Dos Jeronimos.  The Monastery is one of Lisbon's most famous landmarks that dates back to 1550 and survived the earthquake that leveled most of the city. 

The cloister inside the monastery. 

The Church of Santa Maria also inside the Monastery.

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