Friday, January 4, 2013

St Lucia - Wedding Preparation

From our mini rehearsal from the morning of the wedding.

Up next was hair.  The girl who did our hair, Nicole, was excellent and amazingly fast!  Michelle's finished product. 

Emily and her beautiful up do.


And me.

Everyone's hair turned out awesome. I'll spare you the picture from the back though!

Back to the room to put on the dress and final preparations!  Lacin' me up.

Make-up touch-ups.

Annika came for a visit too.  Don't miss Elizabeth's hilarious face in the mirror.

Putting on the veil.  It was Elizabeth's and my something borrowed.

Time for a few quick pictures before heading down to the ceremony.


Sarah said...

Very pretty!

Jayna said...

Yea! Some pictures of the dress!! Very pretty! Love the blue you chose for the bridesmaids dresses as well!