Thursday, January 3, 2013

St Lucia - Sunday Night

Sunday night after many hours at the pool we planned for as many people as possible to have dinner together.

Here is Darren with his med school gang.  Clockwise from Darren, Amanda and Mike (Safa), Brian, Kevin and Beth, Pantila and Dan.

Sitting with my parents were Eric (Elizabeth's Brother), Emily, Jon, Adam, my dad and mom, Gary (Elizabeth's dad).

When we asked Adam to take a picture of our table....

My table.  Me, Liz, Erin, Chad and Erin, Elizabeth and Steve.

Adam macking on Steve.

Eliz and Steve.

With Adam.

The three headed monster, with Adam.

And without.

Chad and Erin.

Tim, Anna and Alex and Laney.

Alex and Anna.

My parents.

Mike and Amanda.

Dan and Pantila.

Kevin and Beth.

Darren's family.  Michelle, his mom, grandmother, uncle Gary and Jason.

My brother and Erin who ended up being so late for dinner, they sat alone.

That night while hanging out these kids from the UK came up and asked if they could have a picture with "Nicholas Cage."  It made Adam's night!

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Jayna said...

Your mom looks gorgeous!!