Wednesday, January 2, 2013

St Lucia - Sunday Pool Time

Pardon my absence but let the barrage of wedding pictures commence.

Since most people arrived on Saturday afternoon, Sunday was our big hang out day at the pool.

Jason & Michelle - Darren's sister and brother-in-law.

Alex and Anna.  Alex was Darren's best man.

Erin & Liz.  I've know Liz since kindergarten and Erin since the 3rd grade.

Bryan and Carolyn.  Bryan and I met in college through mutual friends.

Me with Liz.  I was a bit sunburnt from the previous couple of day and didn't want to look like a lobster in my wedding dress hence why I opted for the t-shirt look.

Darren already looked a bit like a lobster so he was my t-shirt partner-in-crime.  And now he's my partner-in-crime for life. :)

Pantila was sweet enough to take me to salon to get my nails done.  This girls name was Giftare and her name and eye make-up were straight out of the hunger games movie!

My brother showing off his mad cannonball skills. 

The camera loves Adam.  He appears frequently.  Adam was Elizabeth's roommate.

Emily with Adam.  I also met Em through Elizabeth.  They were friends from high school. Emily moved to Nashville about the time Elizabeth moved to Dallas with Steve.

My brother and his girlfriend Erin.

Adam with Liz.  See those koozies?  We had them made for the wedding and it was perfect to keep the drinks cold.  They say "To have and to hold and to keep your drink cold.  Stephanie & Darren, October 29, 2012, St Lucia.  Best idea ever!

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Jayna said...

Love the koozies, but anxious to see your ACTUAL WEDDING PICTURES, lady!!