Monday, January 28, 2013

St Lucia - The Party Continued

I think everyone had a great time and these pictures show it.

Don't Stop Belivin'!


We are a hot sweaty husband and wife.

Jason and Tim

Emily and Jon

Michelle and Mom B.

The Bartz family!

The med school guys.  Love this picture of all them!

With my Foxy!

And her with Eric

Not sure what my brother is doing here but he looks happy!

Pictures were taken with everyone... With Erin.

And my brother.

And Jon

Liz trying to cool off.

With Steve and Em.

Michelle and Liz.

Em hanging out behind the bar serving us drinks.

The front of the train.  Come on ride the train, choo choo, ride it!

By now all of the wait staff got in on the dancing!

And there might have been a little jumping roping with a table cloth.

And then I did what I swore I would never do, run into the ocean with my wedding dress on!