Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waterfall Hiking and Zip Lining

From San Juan we took an excursion to the San Salvador rain forest with EcoQuest with Jeremy.   After gearing up in our HOT helmets, we began hiking up a waterfall.  The whole prospect about walking up a waterfall was a bit unnerving but soon realized most spots were not very steep, like in this picture, and the ones that were they showed you the easiest way to climb up.


This is one of the more steep waterfalls we climbed.

Once we got to the top, about 2400 feet in elevation change, we got to take the fun way down.  Here is me and Darren both rappelling down the 80 waterfall. 

Jeremy and I posing at the bottom of the waterfall.


Then comes the fun part, zipping through the woods.  Most of my pictures didn't turn out that well from this part but I hope Jeremy got some good action shots.  Here is Darren coming in for a sideways landing.  He never mastered the art of straightening himself out if he started turning.

This was our last day in Puerto Rico before boarding our cruise for the next week.  Saying Bon Voyage to Old San Juan.

Once I get Jeremy's pictures I'll post some additional pics of our days adventures.

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