Monday, February 8, 2010

Basseterre, St Kitts

In St Kitts we set up a tour which in my mind I had anticipated being like our day at St Lucia.  In that regards I was very disappointed but we did end up having a really nice day.  We started out meeting our guide who proceded to tell us that the other group didn't show up to go with us.  Typically he changes a lot more for private tours than group tours but he didn't want us to get screwed because the other group didn't show.  So he set us up with his "cousin" who took us on virtually the same tour the guy was supposed to take us on but we had to pay to go into the fort.  Since I wasn't 100% positive who was supposed to pay that entrance fee to begin with this really didn't bother us. 

We started the morning with a coastal drive to the Botanical Gardens at Romney Manor.  They have a tree there that is 350-400 years old.  This thing is massive.  In the picture you can see really small people at the bottom.

Then it was up to the Brimstone Hill Fortress built to defend the island in the late 1700's.  

The view from the fort was beautiful. 

I even made Darren begrudgingly pose as a soldier. ;)

Our last stop on our tour this day was at a beautiful overlook.  In the background of the picture, the body of water to the left is the Caribbean Sea and the body to the right is the Atlantic Ocean.

We again had another beautiful sunset.

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Jayna said...

Ha! Where's YOUR soldier picture!?