Sunday, February 7, 2010

Roseau, Dominica

Tuesday we stopped in Roseau, the capital city of Dominica.  This is a very very impoverished country who's main source of revenue is from tourism.  Their country is mainly a rain forest and there is an overwhelming 44% unemployment.  Instead of doing something on our own or with an outside group we used one of Carnival's preplanned excursions. 

When we got off the boat, it was sprinkling and I asked Darren if I should get an umbrella or my underwater case for my camera.  We decided against both.  Big mistake.  So I apologize ahead of time for the water spotted pictures where we both look like drowned rats. ;)

We started off the morning heading to Trafalgar Falls a set of twin waterfalls in the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.  They are referred to as the mother and the father falls. When we arrived it was now pouring down rain.  The locals were selling "ponchos" for $3 each that were basically glorified trash bags with a hood and holes for arms.  It was the best $6 we spent all trip I think because people who did not have them were drenched from head-to-toe!

We then got to go to what would have been a beautfiul look out if not for the rain.  We got a birds-eye view of our home away from home or our "floating hotel" which the locals tend to call it, the Carnival Victory. 

From there we went to another beautiful waterfall called the Emerald Pool.  When it is sunny the pool beneath the waterfall is a beautfiul green color, but not this day.

Now cold and wet, we headed back to the boat to find that on the coast it is sunny!  Above our ship was one of the largest rainbows I've ever seen.

That night was one one of the formal nights on the boat so here is Darren and I all decked out. :)

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Anonymous said...

Dominica is mainly tropical rain forest and so you shouldn't be surprised that it rained - that's why it is so lush and green. As for the poor impoverished people, most of them are very, very happy with their lot.
Getting off the ship and spending some money with them rather than with the cruise line would certainly have helped them more!

By the way, you look great in your binbags!