Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Our Last Night

We had a great time on the cruise and especially at dinner.  Our waiters Meha and Dewa, both from Bali, were so nice and hysterical.  They would dance or sing to us as a group almost every night. 

That night we also decided to go play Bingo before the show.  I got 3 cards for $20.  They were all so bad to start with Darren was laughing at me telling me I went to the wrong line and picked the wrong cards even though it was completely random.  Well after they had called 55 numbers and no one had yet filled their entire card, I only had 3 numbers left.  I couldn't believe it but it only took 4 numbers for them to call my 3 remaining numbers.  I SCREAMED bingo and fortunately was the only one who got it and won $1,000!!!!!  Definitely ended a great vacation on a super high note!!

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