Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Run for the Roses

Last weekend Darren and I spent the weekend with Kevin & Beth in Louisville for the Kentucky Derby!  On Friday night, the Duran's, Beth's family, had a big garage party.  There was dancing, karaoke, beer pong and flip cup and there was a lot of beer consumed.  After quite a few cold ones...

Saturday morning, the fun started early with a school bus ride to Churchill Downs.  This picture was obviously not taken on Saturday during the pouring rain but this is what it should have looked like for my first Kentucky Derby!

Either on the 7th or 8th race I accidentally bet a trifecta box, costing $24, instead of an exacta box for $12... Thankfully the horse cooperated and I won $250!!! Paid for my entire weekend.  I was super pumped!  Here is Kristin and I celebrating my big payout!!

Calvin Borel ending up guiding Super Saver on the rail wire to wire for his 3rd Kentucky Derby in in 4 years.  He is absolutely amazing and don't think I'll ever bet against him again!  What a fun day, but next time I request sun and seat with visbility of the track!

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