Monday, January 13, 2014

London! - Tower of London

Since the ferry dropped us off right at the Tower of London even though the weather was dreary, we decided to go for a visit thinking it wouldn't be quite as busy. 

The tower functioned as different purposes over time.  It was a castle, a prison, a place where executions took place and now is where the Crown Jewels are housed and protected.

Outside walls of the Tower.

The tour guides and protectors of the Crown Jewels are the Beefeaters or Yeoman Warders. Most are typically ex-military and all live at the Tower with their families.

From the Tower there were great views of the Tower Bridge.


The white tower within the Tower of London.

This building houses the Crown Jewels.  No pictures were allowed inside.

In this yard a number of executions occurred including that of Anne Boleyn.

Inside the White Tower was an exhibit on armor. This is thought to be some of the largest and smallest armor ever made.  The little boy armor couldn't have been any bigger than an average 4 year old.

 This dragon was made all out of armor and shields.  He was quite impressive.

Gate into the Tower.

 We tried to take a picture but it was so dark only we were illuminated.

The view of the Tower in the twilight.


Jayna said...

That's really neat! I would love to go there~

Catherine said...

Currently this is the place where royal jewels are preserved I guess.Are exhibitions conducted?