Friday, January 3, 2014

London! - Red Bus Tour

In order to get familiar with London people recommended us take a doubled decker red bus tour.  We really enjoyed it and got to see areas of London we didn't make it to the rest of the trip.

The Horse Guards Parade

World War II Memorial

The Mall.

The Blue "Cock."  This monument is in Trafalgar Square and once Queen Elizabeth passes away there will be a statue of her erected here.

The Houses of Parliament from across the Thames River.

One of the lion statues on the Thames.

The London Eye.

The downtown London skyline.

Saint Paul's Cathedral.

Monument to London's great fire.

Westminster Abbey.

Tower Bridge.  More on that later.

The other side of the Horse Guards Parade.

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Jayna said...

Did you get to get out at any of these? Or did you just view them from the bus?