Wednesday, January 15, 2014

London! - Chinatown

We met Sarah for a dinner and afterwards decided to walk through London's Chinatown.  It's pretty legit with the lanterns and archways.

Took a few pictures, too bad the lighting wasn't great.

I didn't get a picture during the day with a guard so I settled for ones in front of a store. :)

We then ventured into a pub for some beers.  Beers in London seem to be served in their offical glass as often as possible.  Sarah indeed had a Peroni, I had a Nicholson's and Darren had some Pilsner that I can't remember.  Beer in London is also not as hoppy as in the United States and I don't think Darren was incredibly impressed with what we had!

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Jayna said...

Ha! Your guard pictures are funny!