Monday, January 6, 2014

London! - Football!

While we were in London, the NFL was playing one of two games at Wembley Stadium, the San Francisco 49ers vs the Jacksonville Jaguars. We decided it would be fun to see how another country reacted to the NFL.  This poster was on the wall outside of the tube station.

 Wembley Stadium

 Before the game they had a tailgate open to anyone with tickets outside the stadium. It was supposed to be like an "American" tailgate with American food. It was a good effort.


People had very interesting outfits on.  Notice the Raiders fan in between the guys in this picture. 

We knew our seats were low. But we didn't expect to be basically at field level.  They were great seats but if possible, they were almost TOO low.

We were so close to the fire blasters it heated up our faces!

Ne-Yo did a pregame concert.

Both large American flags and British flags were presented.

 Ne-Yo also sang the National Anthem.

The Jags mascot.

Here he was dancing to "What Does the Fox Say?"

 Attendance was 83,559.  Pretty impressive for the quality of a game we watched.

The game wasn't great, the 49ers won 42 to 10 but we had a fun time from the 2nd row!

View of Wembley on the way out at night.

On the tube on the way back to the hotel from the game.

Sarah was also in London and we had plans to meet for a beer after the game.  It was a Sunday night and you'd expect places to be open later than 11pm but apparently London is a sleepy town and isn't.  Instead we ended up at Victoria Station and did sneak one beer in before closing.

At least the food stalls were still open.  The sandwiches made for a tasty late night snack.


Jayna said...

Okay, so I was so confused the other day when you said you didn't have time to get off the bus because of the football game. But I was afraid I would look dumb for not knowing what you were talking about (since I'm not up on sports and stuff). So I thought maybe you meant soccer (because it's called football most everywhere else) because I couldn't think of why football would be played in England!

So NOW I understand!!

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