Friday, January 10, 2014

London! - Views from the River Thames

Just as we thought the rain was letting up the skies open up just as we boarded the ferry to float down the Thames.  Fortunately it eventually let up again and we didn't get too wet.  The boat ride started at the Houses of Parliament and ended at the Tower Bridge.

This Obelisk is called Cleopatra's Needle given to the United Kingdon after Lord Nelson's victory at the Battle of the Nile.

London's new skyline.  All of their skyscrapers have unusual names.  The tallest building is called the Shard and the one on the far right still under construction is called the razor.  One building just hidden by the shard you can see peeking out on its left is called the Gerkin since it looks like a pickle!

One of London's famous bridges.

This is the tower on top of the OXO company's building.  OXO skirted the rules of no advertising on the Thames by building this tower in stained glass so it was considered part of the building instead of an advertisement.

The dome on St Paul's from the river.

This is a reproduction of Shakespear's Globe Theater. The original one was demolished in 1644 and this one opened in 1997.

A better picture of the Shard.

The tower of London.

And finally a good picture of the Tower Bridge.

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