Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vanderbilt at Northwestern

Before the Vanderbilt and Northwestern game the day after the Springsteen concert, we met back up again with Brian, Kelly and Darby at Kelly's friend's condo in the city.  They had the most amazing rooftop deck that was all theirs and they didn't have to share with the other building tenets.  Seriously I could have lived in a box if I had this view from my roof. Their condo was georgeous too!

Kelly and Darby celebrating their birthday.  We are beginning to make this a tradition.  Last year we visited their lake house over Labor Day and celebrated with them there as well.  Too bad they are Northwestern fans!

The game started off great.  Big flag, helicopter flyover.

Vandy team comes out of the field.

Too bad Vandy played pretty terribly and lost 23-13.  We'll get them next year in Nashville!

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