Friday, September 7, 2012

Priya & Raj's Reception

The ceremony and lunch were from 10 AM to 2 PM.  We had a few hour break where we got to spend some time at the pool.  The cocktail (two) hour started at 6 PM with the reception following at 8 PM.

The cocktail hour had sort of a carnival theme. Aside from this plate balancer, there was a mime and a contortionist.

With Vidhya and Neha enjoying the drinks and appetizers. 

The reception was beautiful.  They had this ice sculpture and chocolate fountain.

And two full sized bars made of ice!

The tables were covered with their personalized M&Ms that tied us over for the two hours of speechs, dances, skits and performances.

Priya and Raj being introduced.  She looked beautiful and her sari was unbelievable.

First dance.

The ladies with Priya.

Darren and me.

What a fun weekend!!

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Jayna said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding.