Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Priya and Raj's Wedding

In early August we went to Tucson for Priya and Raj's Wedding.  This was the first full Indian wedding that Darren or I had ever been to.  So much different from any other wedding we've attended previously!
This is what is called the Baraat.  It is where the Groom, his family and friends lead a parade of sorts to celebrate the start of the wedding.  In this case, Raj arrived by horse drawn carriage. 

Once Raj arrived it was a big dance party.  That is his sister they are holding up with him.

The ceremony was very elaborately decorated.  I didn't know that in a traditional Indian ceremony the Bride does not arrive until much later.  In this case over an hour in.  Here is Priya being carried in.  The guy on the left in bright blue is her brother. 

Here is Priya later in the ceremony after she had changed form her original sari to her wedding sari.

Here is most of our group of our Indy group from the ceremony.  Darren, me, Jay, Laticia, Vidhya and Neha.  Those missing were Vic and Carmen.

Up next pictures from the reception.

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