Friday, July 13, 2012

Kentucky Derby

In May Darren and I were able to go to our second Kentucky Derby.  If you remember correctly, our first Derby was in the absolute pouring rain so we were hoping for better weather this time!  The night before Beth's family had a birthday party for Annie who was about to turn one.  She totally loved her Gigi's cupcake!


My brother even got to stop by for a few minutes before he headed to the Hot 100 Party.  He looks pretty spiffy if I do say so myself!

The weather cooperated and what we got what we wished for but it was 90 degrees and  sunny.  Way too hot to be in the infield for sure but we survived!

PreDerby pictures.


Our arrival at Churchill Downs.


Darren with Wes and Vic after the race.


In the end we were glad to be there but I didn't get to see a horse that wasn't on the jumbotron!  I Want Another went on to win the Derby

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Jayna said...

Love the birthday pic! And your brother looked really nice! =)