Friday, July 27, 2012

Disney World - Ride Pics

We had so much fun riding the rides, even those non-trill type rides.  On the Tomorrowland Speedway Erin kept trying to get me to rear end her and Liz.  I came close but avoided the accident!

The three of us on the Astro Orbiter.

And my mad photographing skills with Cinderella's Castle in the background.

Lookout below, Liz!

Some of our biggest laughs of the weekend were looking at our ride pictures.  Erin couldn't be more serious on the Buzz Lightyear ride even though I won this round!

And here I'm grinning like a fool, Liz is scream laughing and Erin is just screaming!

One of our last rides of the evening was Dumbo.  We couldn't leave the park without one ride with Dumbo.

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Jayna said...

I would be so scared I'd drop my camera!! Crazy!!

Love the shooting pics!