Friday, July 6, 2012

Grand Canyon

From Vegas we decided to road trip to the Grand Canyon.  Darren had never been to the Canyon and I hadn't been since I was 16 so I was due for another visit.  We visited the South Rim since the North Rim had not opened yet for the season yet.


Back in the day this would have been a house with an unbelievable view.


We headed along the rim to the east entrance.


At the east end of the canyon is the desert view watchtower.


From the watchtower there were great views of the river.


We were still in the park at sunset.  The views were beautiful.  I just wish the pictures captured it better!



Sarah said...

Very pretty! That is on my list of places to go some day.

Jayna said...

I'd really like to take the girls there some time.