Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red Rocks

While we were in Sedona we definitely wanted to see the red rocks.  Granted they are hard to miss but there are some places where the views are significantly better than others.  We started off at Red Rocks State Park.  Unless you want to hike the red rocks, this can probably be missed but we did get a couple beautiful shots.


We took a break for lunch and ended up eating on the main road in Sedona called the Cowboy Club.  The restaurant appealed to us because their burgers looked really good.  What sold us was the appetizer sampler.  It included cactus fries, the round thing in the middle is a fried cilantro flatbread cake served with homemade peanut butter, buffalo brochettes and rattlesnake meatballs. Yep you read that right.... Cactus, Buffalo and Rattlesnake. Living on the edge!

We were told about a neat church built into the rocks called Chapel of the Holy Cross.  It was really beautiful how it blended into its surroundings.

 From the Chapel you could look right down on this insane house.  Apparently there are lots of rumors of famous people owning it but turns out its the eye doctor who invented Lasik. 

 The colors of the rocks we saw were varied and very beautiful.


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Jayna said...

Very pretty colors!