Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sox vs Cubs and a Little Blackhawks Thrown In!

Darren's mom bought tickets at a fundraiser for the Walter Payton School and invited Darren and I up to see the Sox take on the Cubs this last weekend at Wrigley.  Oh so coincidentally the Blackhawks had won the Stanley Cup the previous Wednesday and celebrated their finals victory at the Cubs game that night.

The night started out with the Hawks bringing in the Cup.

Joel Quenneville throws out the first pitch.

The Cubs/Sox/Hawks pose for a picture representing three of the city's 5 major sports teams.

Jim Cornelison, the Blackhawks singer, sang the National Anthem.  The Hawks lines up on the baseline with the Cubs and Sox and the Stanley Cup at on home plate!

We had a great view from Murphy's bleachers along with unlimted food and drinks.

Harry Carry must have given the Cubs some good luck because they took the final game of the series and avoided the sweep.  Lilly pitched a great game and held a no-hitter through 8 innings.  It didn't stand but the Cubs did win 1-0.

A very awesome experience!  I would recommend the rooftop at least once in your life!

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