Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pike's Peak

Sunday after breakfast with the new Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Gilbert, we headed down towards Colorado Springs for some sight seeing.  It had been years since Darren or I had been to Colorado so we wanted to do a few "touristy" type things during our free day.

Our first stop was Pike's Peak.  We hadn't done any planning but hoped we could take the Cog Railway up the mountain.  Due to the timing and the slower traveling, we missed the earlier train and then didn't have long enough to take the later train to get back to the airport.  We decided to drive up the mountain instead.  It was a super warm day, about 95 degrees at the base of the mountain and what they referred to as a "Hot" at 56 degrees on top with the wind chill in the very low 40's!  Brrr!  I was not dressed appropriately for 14,000 feet!

Views from the top!

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