Thursday, June 17, 2010


On Saturday after watching the World Cup, we went up to Ribfest. Darren loves bar-b-que and I have a soft spot in my heart for ribs.  We tried tasting portions of six types of ribs. I'm glad the rained stayed away just long enough to chow down!

Thoughts on the ribs we did get to try:

Corner 41 Bar &Grill - This entry has won five times before.  Their ribs were super tender but the sauce was a bit spicier than I prefer
Robinson's #1 Ribs - These ribs were my favorite, they were tender and incredibly saucy.
Mrs. Murphy and Sons Irish Bistro - These ribs were ok, but I honestly don't remember anything specific about them.
Chicago BBQ Company - These ribs were super smokey and the least favorite of the ones we tried. 
Pitchfork - Home of the 2009 Champ.  These were good and probably my 2nd favorite of the day.
BBQ Rub Company - This was a St Louis style rib but it lacked flavor.

I definitely have a date with Robinson's #1 Ribs on one of my next trips to Chicago!

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