Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gilbert/Gupta Wedding

This weekend we had the pleasure of going out to Denver for Jacob Gilbert and Ashima Gupta's wedding.  It was my first time at a Jewish wedding as well as my first time at an Indian wedding!  They had two ceremonies and had a quick outfit change in between then..  They provided a program that told of the different traditions in the ceremony so those unfamiliar would understand the symbolism behind each. I'll try to post the program later. It was really interesting!  The Jewish type ceremony was officiated by a very excetric and excited judge.  On to the pictures.

The beautiful Ashima in her beautiful sari walking down the aisle.

Ashima and Jacob during the ceremony.

Husband & Wife - Part 1.

Ceremony 2 - Jake and his parents walking in.

Ashima walking in with her parents in beautiful dress.

Husband and Wife - Part 2.

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