Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 16 - Phi Phi Island

What a fun day in the sun!  Our main destination of the day was to Phi Phi (Pee-Pee) Island, but we made numerous different stop among the islands during the day.  We started off on a high speed Catamaran.  

This is a viking cave where locals go to collect birds nests for bird nest soup. Glad I never tried it!

Everywhere we went the water was crystal clear blue.

Our first swimming stop was Phi Leh Cove where Leonardo DiCaprio jumped off one of these cliffs during the move "The Beach." 


 Then we snorkeled in Loh Samah Bay.  The fish just swarmed around as we swam.

And then we got some beach time at Maya Bay which was also filmed during the movie, "The Beach."


Our last stop before lunch was Monkey Beach.  While they didn't let us feed the monkeys by ourself since they bite, our boat capitan threw them a bunch of fruit.  And they were little piggies, chowing down on everything quickly.


 Our lunch was served at a resort on Laem Tong Beach.  The water was absolutely crystal clear.


Our last stop of the day was at Khai Nai Island.  We took a walk around this tiny island.  It was full of these beautiful rock formations.


 That night back at the hotel we took a walk on the beach.  The sunset was glorious.


And after getting back to our room, we heard fireworks from the balcony. Perfect end to a beautiful day.

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Jayna said...

1. I didn't know they used actual birds' nests in bird's nest soup.

2. Some of those monkeys are a little hefty.

3. That water is SO pretty!