Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 20 - Macau

What is a vacation without a trip to a casino?  Well we couldn't leave Hong Kong without a day trip to Macau.  Macau is widely considered the Las Vegas of the east but is actually a much bigger money generator than vegas is.

We took a high speed catamaran and in 75 mins we were in Macau.  Once there our first stop was the Venetian.  It looks identical to the Vegas one but I understand it is significantly bigger!

Darren photo-bombed my self-portrait.

After visiting a casino similar to the Vegas ones we opted then visit something different, Galaxy Resort.  What we didn't realize at the time, is the casino had literally been open for only 10 days when we were there.  This was one of the decorations in the lobby we entered.

This huge fountain was in another lobby.  It played music and the water cascaded higher and lower.  At the end this gigantic diamond appeared!

This is the Grand Lisboa hotel.

And the facade of the MGM.

And the inside of the MGM.

I don't remember where we saw these crystal chandeliers but I thought they were absolutely striking.

And this Chihuly sculpture.

I didn't hit the jackpot but I didn't lose any more after spending a whole day gambling. I'd say for casino lovers, Macau is a must hit if you are ever in Asia!

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Jayna said...

I didn't remember the city from when you showed us the pictures...but now that I see all the crystals, I remember. So sparkly!