Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 17 - Phuket

One thing on my Thailand wish list was to go on an elephant safari or at least an elephant ride.  Along with getting to ride on elephants we also got to experience other elements of the Thai culture.  They taught us how to make a fresh curry. I'll have to say it was the most tasty curry I've ever eaten!

We learned how rice is planted.  The water buffalo are used for this.  

The one named "Handsome" pulled us around the camp for a couple of minutes.

We got to see a baby elephant show where they showed us all sorts of trucks including playing soccer, painting and playing music.


In the forest there were these GIANT spiders nests. I wish you could tell the scale of this guy but he was significantly bigger than my hand.

The views of the bay from on top of the elephant in the Chalong highlands were amazing.


 After our ride I got to feed them.  Who knew an elephants favorite food is watermelon and sugar cane!


After our elephant ride, we were taken on a boat ride that served lunch. 

 From the bay you could see the Giant Buddha.

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Jayna said...

That water buffalo does not EVEN look real!

So, why didn't you put your hand next to the spider so we could see it to scale? Hmmm?