Monday, May 16, 2011

Texas Capital Building

Since neither Darren nor I had been to Austin we planned an extra day after the wedding to see some of the sites and eat some of the food!  Darren thought it was a fairly successful trip since we ate BBQ 4 out of 5 meals we were in Austin! I think he got a temporary fill of it. :)

We asked for advice on what to see in Austin and were told to check out the Capital building.  It was not something we typically would have done but it was a pretty interesting site.  The capital pays homage to the 6 countries whose flags have flown over Texas.

The neatest part of the building was the dome.  At the top of the dome is the star of Texas that is eight feet in diameter over 220 ft above.

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Jayna said...

I think we have some of these same photos from our trip to Austin!

And too funny about Darren's BBQ obsession!