Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Madeline's 1st Birthday

April 22nd was Madeline's 1st birthday.  How can she already be 1!  I can't even believe she has gotten so big and has really started becoming her own person.  It's amazing to watch.

Here are a few pictures from our mini birthday party!

The lotion and for that matter the remote the mail and anything else was far more entertaining than her birthday presents!

With mommy!

What is a birthday without cupcakes??  Madeline wasn't sure at first but then started gobbling it down!

She is so funny and fun loving until the camera comes out.  Then she gets as serious as can be!  Hope you had a great birthday Madeline!

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Jayna said...

Happy birthday, Madeline!! What a sweetie! And yes! So serious! Ha ha!