Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LBJ Library

After the capital building, we ventured on to the campus of the University of Texas, the "other" UT! As we approached the Texas Stadium, Darren commented that it was smaller than he thought it would be.... Until we got right on top of it and realized that besides being built at the bottom of a hill, the field is actually significantly below "ground" level similar to the Big House at Michigan.  

Literally across the street from the stadium is the LBJ Presidential Library.  Also something we might not have done on our own that was a recommendation from Jenny.  The front of the library looked out on the huge fountain with a view of downtown Austin beyond.

LBJ's Presidential limousine.

Looking up from the main floor the four floors that make up the Presidential Archives!  It was literally volumes and volumes of recorded history from LBJ's Presidency.

This is hard to see, but it was a 4 story engraved Presidential Seal.

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Jayna said...

Lovin' that limo!