Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maria Garbo

Based on the name written on the back of this picture, this is my great great grandmother Maria Garbo Di Giorgio with her grandson Vincenzo (Vance) Miciotto.  Maria is Grannie's grandmother and Vance would be her cousin.  Based on Vance's age, the picture was probably taken between 1900-1902.

Really excited to be sent this piece of our history!  We've been having trouble finding much about her and her husband Vincenzo since they never immigrated to the United States and lived in Sicily.


Jayna said...

I love love love this picture!

catholicrose said...


I am doing research on my husband's genealogy, and I am stuck with a Vincezo di Giorgio from Cefalu, Sicily. He was born probably sometime around 1850, and had a daughter named Maria Antonetta. He also had an adopted son, Gioacchino, who married his adopted sister. Both list "Vincezo di Giorgio" as their father on this Ellis Island document.

(lines 15-19 is the di Giorgio family)

Do you happen to know the names of your Vincenzo and Maria's children?

If this is the right Vincenzo, then that would be my great great great grandmother in law! : )

Please let me know if you have any information! I would be happy to share the family tree I am working on with you.

Thanks! What a wonderful photo.

~Hilary Cesare (catholicrose at gmail)