Monday, January 31, 2011


Following our very busy Friday, we woke up incredibly early to drive up to Tahoe to go skiing at Heavenly.  This is what Erin and TJ planned to do over Erin's birthday weekend so Darren and I joined.  Darren got off to a bit of a rocky start due to Erin's trial by crashing but we ended the day mostly crash free.

This is the view of the gondola.  This is near the middle of the actual skiing area and goes up another 2,500 feet or so on the mountain that is not visible from this side.

The views of Lake Tahoe were breathtaking!

On a lift to the view above.

Enjoying the view while skiing.

Sharing a lift with Erin & TJ.

The views on the the tram down the mountain after a long day of skiing.

1 comment:

Jayna said...

David suggested we go skiing for our anniversary. It was the crash factor that had me saying "no."

Oh...and the COLD! Brrr!

Y'all are brave! And it looks like you had fun!