Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Marlene!

Darren's mom's birthday was this past Sunday.  Since we were already in Chicago, to celebrate, we took her out to the Texas Roadhouse for lunch.  Darren's sister made sure to tell our waitress that it was her mom's birthday so they could do something to embarrass her!  At the end of the meal, they rolled up a saddle and made her sit on it and wave her napkin in the air so everyone could see her.

If the embarrassment of sitting on a saddle in the middle of a restaurant wasn't enough,  the waitress had asked how old she was and the proceeded to announce to the entire resteraunt that she just turned 66.  This is her face as the waitress was announcing her age to all present.

Fortunately she took it in stride and I think she had a really nice birthday lunch with her whole family present!

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Jayna said...

My mom would have NEVER done that! Ha!