Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dan & Pantila's Reception

You know when you get Darren's med school friends together you are in for a great party.  Dan and Pantila did not disappoint and threw one heck of a party!

Darren and Safa.

Darren and me.  Too bad you can't see the red shoes I'm also sporting!

When the libations are flowing with Darren's friends, you never know what will happen... But typically it involves all of the guys dancing together while the girls just shake their heads and laugh.

I really can't tell you what is going on here... But it sure does look like Brian and Darren are giving Safa kisses.

Many self portraits ensued towards the end of the night.  Here is one of the better ones of Kelly and me.

And one of the blurry but still cute ones of me with Darren.

And a parting goodbye shot of Kevin, Beth and baby girl.  Notice Beth sporting her 5 month baby bump?  Yea, me either... She's still quite tiny!

Hopefully I can get a picture of Darren with all of the Loyola guys, but that one wasn't taken with my camera.

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Jayna said...

You didn't tell me Darren had a goatee!!!

And Beth is super cute in her little black dress!