Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family Pictures

Every year at Christmas we take time for family pictures since it is the one time we are all together in one place.

Here is the whole family.  Front to back and left to right.  Sarah, Whitnie, Stephanie, Meagan, Heather, Lindsay, Thomas, Carol, Alice, Grannie, Kathy, Betty Jo (Mom), Kristi, David, Frank, Beth, Jacob, Emily, Steven, Jerry, Bob Moffett, Bob (Dad) and Ryan.

Mom and Steven.

Mom and me.

Mom, me and Steven.

Steven and Grannie.

Mom and Grannie

Kathy and Grannie.

Emily and her new husband of 3 months, Jacob

Beth and her kids, Jacob, Emily, Thomas and Sarah.


Thomas and Sarah.

Frank, Carol, Heather and David.

Kathy and Jerry.

Meagan, Lindsay and Whitnie.

Ryan, Kristi, Meagan, Lindsay and Whitnie.

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Jayna said...

These are really awesome! You have such a cooperative family! I get lots of groans and sighs and "do we have to do this right now?"