Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Patriots Point

After a busy more touring Charleston and Fort Sumter, we headed across the harbor to Patriot's Point.
This is a view from downtown Charleston. Our first stop was the USS Yorktown

And a closer view.

It's truly amazing this is really a floating city.  They had 4 dentists who practiced in quite small "offices".

One area that was quite spacious was the kitchens but they had to feel 3,500 people four times a day! 14,000 meals a day if you are not willing to do the math!

The bake shop was also quite large.  Pictured below are the ingredients to make just 1 batch of chocolate chip cookies.  One batch was about 11,000 or 3 per person.  It took 500 eggs, 165 lbs of flour 112 lbs of chocolate chips along with equally huge amounts of sugar, shortening, butter, salt, vanilla extract, water and baking soda!

Another thing that surprised me and I probably should have known was that airplanes on aircraft carriers have wings that fold up for tighter storage.

This was the officer's mess hall a much more luxurious table than the general servicemen.  It also included a TV and a piano for ambiance!

Hard to see but this is a jail cell.  Beds stacked three high. I'm not sure there was enough space between the beds and the walls to stand facing the door.  If you were in jail on a ship they didn't have much sympathy for your comfort.

On deck they had many planes and helicopters you could look at and in.

This is the view of the bridge from the deck.

USS Clamagore is a submarine also at Patriot's Point.

The average submariner was not 6' 3".  Darren had trouble getting through the port holes.

Pictures were hard to take because the space was so tight! The officer's dining room, not nearly as nice as the air craft carrier.

And the communication's officer's office.  It wasn't much bigger than a toilet stall!

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