Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We left Durham, drove past South of the Boarder on the way to Charleston getting there late afternoon.  We were able to do some walking around by the water before our dinner reservations.  This fountain leads up to the pier where people were watching the boats go by.

 This park is right off the water.  So nice to see palm trees! It is hard to see but the fountain in the center is a pineapple!

As we stood at the end of the pier admiring the sunset and this boat it fired a canon at us! Apparently it was a pirate cruise.  We were quite startled.  

The bridge onto Charleston peninsula. 

 Us. :)

The following morning we did a city tour.  This is a view into the gates of the College of Charleston. 

We also were able to admire the beautiful and huge houses near the water!

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Jayna said...

Looks like you're getting a lot of history in on your trip.