Monday, June 10, 2013

New York City - Radio City Music Hall

While in New York we were able to tour New York's most famous theater, Radio City Music Hall. The details in the theater were amazing, so much thought went into every door, floor or ceiling to make it amazing.

The ceiling of the lobby.

The lobby staircase.

The lobby doors into the theater.

There were many works of art throughout the theater.

Radio City Music Hall prides itself on its "lounges" and restrooms.

Inside the actual theater. The NFL Draft had been going on the previous couple of days and they had not yet torn down from that show.

Along with an actual Rockette we go to see numerous costumes for some of the many shows the Rockettes have performed in.

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Jayna said...

Who took the picture in the bathroom? I hope that was Darren, because there's a man in there!