Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New York City - Rockafeller Center

On Saturday we set out to be a tourist! I had spent little time in New York City and was anxious to see everything we could in a very short period of time.  By the end of the weekend my feet were very angry but I was so excited from everything we say.

We took a tour of Rockafeller Center.  While it was a bit more about the art and less about the history of the buildings than I would have expected I learned a lot and did enjoy it.

This embalm is outside of Radio City Music Hall, a part of Rockafeller Center.  There were three representing the arts.

This mosaic is inside the portico of Radio City Music Hall it represents the different forms of media and it is really about 5x as large as my picture could take.

 When Rockafeller Center was built they bought up all the buildings in the area to clear for the 7 buildings they planned to build.  This building was one of the few holdouts.  The seemelessly built their buildings around those that had to remain.

 A review of Rockafeller Plaza and the flags of the nation's of the world.

I think maybe I should have been an architect. I really love buildings!


Every entrance to every building is decorated somehow with art or some adornment.  These guilded panels are beautiful.


 These buildings were built during the height of the depression.  If you could afford beautiful art and adoration it was much cheaper than in other areas.  Rockafeller spared no expense in his decoration of the buildings and art installations.


After our tour we went to the top of the building or "Top of the Rock."  The view was incredible!  This view is looking South to the Empire State Building.  However to the right, the building that looks the next tallest is the new One World Trade Center which was topped out just after we were there at 1776 feet and is much taller than the Empire State Building now.


 This view is south where you can see the entire Central Park.  How beautiful! An oasis in the midst of a concrete jungle on an island.  Only in America!

 Looking southeast.

Us at the top.

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I didn't realize there was so much art at Rockafeller Center. =)