Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Personal New York Walking Tour

After I left Grand Central I walked over to Bryant Park.  I really didn't know what to expect since all I knew about it was that is where fashion week takes place.  This is a view across the park of the New York Public Library.

 Beautiful fountain in the park.

 All of the flowers were just beautiful.


 My next stop was St. Patrick's Cathedral which is completely under construction.  They are doing a $175 million renovation of the church.  Pardon my new camera issues and not knowing what setting to be on... These are a bit dark


 I walked through the NBC TV store.  This NBC logo is made out of M&Ms!

 And in time square there is this huge digital flag.

 And a crazy amount of advertising.  Apparently some of the billboards go for $500,000 a month!  How nuts!


 If you look closely on top the center building above the advertising is a 2013 and just above that is the new year's ball.  I never would have thought it was so small.  It looks huge on TV!!

Since I knew Darren would not care, I did a tour around the Broadway theaters.  This one below, the Barrymore, is named after Drew Barrymore's great aunt who was a legend in the 1920's. 

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